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First layer cowhide women’s tote bag

First layer cowhide women’s tote bag

Our advantages

First layer cowhide women’s tote bag are made of Genuine Leather.First layer cowhide bag ladies handbag summer new European and American fashion tote bag leather women’s bag one shoulder messenger bag using the best first layer cowhide material, the first layer cowhide is the best part of cowhide, so the performance in all aspects is relatively Good, relatively excellent, soft and elastic, often used for bags, classic and natural textured cowhide blended with simple retro and delicate wings, this kind of combination is wonderful and rare, interpreting elegant and fashionable style, but without losing personality Style, the color of this bag is bright, the flowers are not vulgar, it is natural and natural, caressing the cortical veins, every touch has a kind and practical feeling that goes straight into the heart. The neutral style design interprets the theme of this era. Beauty is no longer simple, but soft and firm. The handsome and full flavor of the bag will make you more sexy and cute.

Product Detail

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Products Details

Name: First layer cowhide women's tote bag
Products modle: DICHOS-066
Products size: 31.5*31.5*14cm
Main Material : Genuine Leather
Colour: Black, Pink, Blue, Red
Weight : 0.83kg
Usage: Leisure Style Daily Life
Packing: Each pcs/opp with Non-woven bag packed
Gender: Women
Style: Fashion handbags
Brand Name: DICHOS

Color Option

There are four colors of the bag, black, red, blue and pink, which represent classic, passion, elegance and cuteness.

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More Details

This bag comes with a special design: Wings Honey Talk: When the morning sun rises, there is a beam of light shining through the layers of mist, sprinkling patches of mottled, which are portrayed by beautiful hardware, attractive and attractive, the facial fold design of the bag is Its eye-catching highlights, the layering is very rich, and it always exudes the unique charm of women.

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