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A popular bag can show a fashionable feeling, how to match the bag when wearing a coat?

1. Long coat + mini bag;
There are many styles of coats, short and long, loose and slender, and also have slits. Regardless of the style, the long style is the most common, because it only needs to tie a belt around the waist, which can portray the slenderness of women, and it is not easy to become too harsh.

A long coat, as long as the style is suitable and the color is suitable, it will look very emotional, and it will have a contemporary feeling when worn on the body, and it will look even more beautiful if it is matched with a mini bag. fashion trends. The range of coats is relatively large, while the selection of small bags is for decoration. At the same time, this small bag can also make wearing clothes more interesting and more textured.

2. Long coat + oversized bag;
Of course, we can combine some exaggerated accessories with our clothes, because this kind of brave personality will attract people’s attention. In contrast, the coat and small bag look very eye-catching and attractive.

Small bags generally refer to the oversize style. “Oversize” is a style in clothing collocation, which is one size higher and larger in size than the general category, and the opposite is the appropriate or self-cultivating and self-cultivating style. In addition, the Oversize design style is also a boyfriend style, which looks very large and does not fit well. Nowadays, the oversize trend is on the rise, with obvious personality and style, and a relatively loose and comfortable clothing experience.

For women in their forties, a winter coat and an oversized bag will give people an obvious visual impact. The female number one in the photo is wearing a light brown woolen coat. The color is simple and fresh, but it is a bit rustic and simple. She is carrying a zong-colored bag on her shoulders. The color is gorgeous, which just fills in the lack of the jacket, making the colors more colorful and layered.

Oversized bags are easy to use, can hold a lot of things, and can be printed with various textures. They are very individual, and are favored by interior designers and fashionistas. Its free and unrestrained design, as well as its perfect integration with various fashion clothing, make it indispensable in every season.

3. Dark brown long coat + colorful bag;
The color of the coat can be easily divided into dark brown and light color. The heavier the color, the more unassuming and stable it looks. And it can also bring a significant slimming effect in terms of visual effects. But there is also a disadvantage, that is, if they cannot cooperate effectively, it will give people a very vulgar feeling. If you add some bright colors at this time, you can easily enhance this shortcoming and simplicity, and add a bit of brilliance to the whole outfit.
Color refers to bright colors, such as red, caramel, light blue, green, etc. These colors make people look very bright. Vibrant colors are usually high-contrast and high-purity.

The girl in the photo is wearing a gray coat with a gray cashmere sweater inside and a pair of black leather boots underneath. She looks elegant and simple. Her dress is very fitting, but it gives people a very simple feeling. Her bag is bright red, which makes her look full of charm. Women in their early forties will look younger when wearing this kind of clothes, and they will not look too dull.

4, colorful long coat + black bag;
For winter coats, if you don’t want to wear dark brown, then use a light-colored coat. Lighter colors are shinier and softer than darker ones. Coupled with a light-colored coat, it can make her skin more tender and fair.

However, the more gorgeous the coat, the more it needs a girl’s figure to control it faster. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the selection of accessories, and choose dark-colored accessories to offset the heat of the color. The girl in the photo is wearing a bright yellow coat, which looks more youthful. She is wearing a black bag, a pair of black eyes, a pair of black shoes, a dark green miniskirt, and a yellow-white coat, giving people a mature look. The aura of fashion is permeating.

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Post time: Mar-03-2023