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“Personalized bags” can be worn all over the basic models, looking good and fashionable, how to do it?

Woven bead bag suitable for feminine style
In recent years, there is a kind of unpopular bag, especially a beaded bag. The biggest feature of this kind of bag is that it is made of glass marbles. The sweet orange color looks ordinary and cute, which is very suitable for girls who like soft style. It’s just that it’s made of beads, so in order to show the aura better, it usually doesn’t need a lining, so the things in the bag may be larger than the gap between the marbles.

There are usually some small decorations on the bead woven bags, such as the pattern of sunflowers, which is full of sweetness and refreshing feeling in summer. It is very suitable for wearing in early summer or late spring, when paired with a long skirt , There is an indescribable sense of harmony, which can fully highlight a girl’s girly aura. Orange glass marbles are also very easy to show the slenderness of the wrist. Therefore, it is also a very soft and beautiful type.

Cloth curtain student bag suitable for fresh air
Fabric curtain bags are very popular among students. Because the bags of fabric curtains are generally very large in carrying capacity, and the bags themselves are particularly low in price, they are more likely to be welcomed by students. So the same is the style of fabric curtains, how can it make itself stand out? That is the overall collocation effect. For example, if you choose ordinary clothing prints, the bouncing colors are actually not suitable for matching with sportswear and other clothes.

On the contrary, the cotton and linen dress can highlight a kind of cuteness with this kind of bouncing feeling, which is very college-like. Or the element of the polka dot skirt is also arguably the most common element in the bag. This kind of long skirt with a solid color style is generally gentle and calm, although it is not so eye-catching , but it is very easy to become a match for other people’s white moonlight. Suitable for girls who like fresh air system.

Gray and black small bag suitable for daily style
In real life, it is very likely that the clothes with the daily style are the largest. Because in most cases, we are too late to choose the design model. Therefore, simple shirts and long skirts, this kind of ordinary-looking outfit collocation, can become extra shocking to you with a little decoration.

Hand bag
The handbag is a more classic luxury handbag. It is generally used in some activities to announce the venue. It can be properly combined with different types of professional clothing and does not violate the harmony. It can be divided into patterns according to the surface. Design models and solid color models, you can choose the main luxury handbags according to your own clothing style characteristics, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

add bright yellow
There is no more brilliant color than yellow. Wearing it, all emotions are dancing. It seems to be the joy of being able to embrace each other, and the bright soft yellow has been hitting the heart at a glance, washing away the pain. Yellow short-sleeved shirt + classic blue denim pants + white sneakers, a very leisurely match. It is easy to wear with a sense of simplicity and fashion. The fresh denim blue itself is conspicuous enough, and the yellow is just right. However, what is more eye-catching is this color matching bag.

Similar color matching
The most important part to reflect the flexibility of a dress collocation is the harmony of the colors between the clothing and accessories that everyone matches. When the collocation of our whole body can be harmonious in color, then our current collocation will be It is particularly smooth, because it allows us to guarantee a beautiful and generous visual effect! But in fact, the same color matching standard does not make us choose a color for our whole body, but it guarantees that we can choose the same color!

Women’s Single niche design shoulder messenger saddle bag a

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