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Why do girls have to carry bags when they go out?

There are many factors! As far as normal is concerned. The first is to look good with the clothes, and the second is to hold things, because girls really have a lot of miscellaneous things, cosmetics and other small things. The third is that some girls naturally like bags very much. They are standard bag lovers and have a lot of bags in their collection.

I have a little niece who is in college. She carries a backpack every time she goes to class. Her bag is not too much! But the school also released three or four. Dark and light, big and small. It’s not that I like to carry a backpack, but for a while, I really feel that the backpack is very troublesome, and I don’t really want to carry it, but I really can’t carry it.

Take class as an example, you need to install a mobile phone, earphones, and tissues. Sometimes sanitary napkins are also required. Pens for class, keys, lipstick, lip balm, small powder for touch-ups, hand cream, small mirror, etc. There are too many bits and pieces, and many things really don’t work
If you don’t have a backpack, you can’t hold it in your hand, and it is often easy to lose it. So sometimes there is only one class a day, and their girls can still carry backpacks. Many boys just say no and go back after one class if they don’t understand. Back, do I need it?

I have to go out to eat after class, and I keep all the change in the bag. Now most clothes don’t have cloth bags, so it must be convenient to carry a bag to put the change! Don’t worry about losing money. Take a look at the girls who go out to play on the street, which girl doesn’t have a backpack! It is true that more than half of girls know backpacks. After a long time, it has become a habit, and it is uncomfortable not to recite it. In my own words, I feel safe with the bag on my back.‘

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Post time: Jan-02-2023