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Fashion woolen star chain small round bag

Fashion woolen star chain small round bag

Our advantages

Fashion woolen star chain small round bag are made of Velvet+leather.The designer who designed this bag said: “I love November best, because it was the month I fell in love with him. At that time, he said,” You are the most shining star in my heart. “Every time I think about it, I am moved. I send this sentiment, so I specially launched the” Star Moves “series. I hope you are all the protagonists in life, the most shining star, and find the people who make you excited, The most special thing about this bag is not only the emotional sustenance, but also the collision of fashion elements. When the special star rivet meets the luxurious velvet, the luxurious fashion sense rises straightly. What kind of fireworks can it collide with you? When the classic element meets the gorgeous velvet, one interprets the scripture, one interprets the fashion, and is loved by fashion experts.

Product Detail

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Name: Fashion woolen star chain small round bag
Products modle: DICHOS-141
Products size: 17.5*17.5*6.5cm
Main Material : Velvet+leather
Colour: Black
Weight : 0.38kg
Usage: Leisure Style Daily Life
Packing: Each pcs/opp with Non-woven bag packed
Gender: Women
Style: Fashion handbags
Brand Name: DICHOS

Color Option

The bag has only one color, black.

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The model carries this bag, which is elegant and lovely.

Model Show

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More Details

Fashionable small round bag, unique silhouette design, fashionable and interesting, the planet track highlights the decoration, the gold chain matches the star pendant, more than one bag LOOK, the bag uses the fabric with its own sense of light, shiny and comfortable, draped velvet, focusing on the interpretation of nature, the presentation of luxury materials, the cost of fabric is higher than the style at the same price, the velvet fabric with temperature is fine, soft, durable and not easy to deform, It must be the best choice for you to attend important occasions.

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