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How to choose a small bag

1. Bags and face shape Faces with a strong sense of three-dimensionality and high cheekbones can choose a personalized style with bright stripes and a neutral metallic style; while those with small facial features and a round face are suitable to choose more shiny embellishments Sweet and cute bag decorated with .

2. Bag and chest When the bag is clamped under the armpit, only its thickness can be seen from the frontal perspective. Therefore, mms with plump breasts and thicker round waists should choose thin and slender rectangular bags; mms with flatter breasts and slender bodies should choose triangular bags with thick sides to make the upper circumference slightly plump .

3. Bags and tall, wide and large bags are popular, but how to choose depends on your height so as not to look cumbersome. If the height is above 165 cm, you should try to choose a bag with a total length of about 60 cm that can be loaded vertically into a magazine; if the height is below 158 cm, you should choose a bag with a total length of about 50 cm that can be loaded horizontally into a magazine bag, elongated body proportions.

4. Bags and life When buying bags, you should not ignore their practicality. If you have just “upgraded” and become a beautiful mommy, but you stuff all the diaper bottles into a noble and retro crocodile leather handbag, you may scare passers-by. ;The colorful nylon bags with large and large pockets can make you and your baby fashionable.

5. Bags and girls with a casual and sporty personality can choose more “hard” bags such as nylon, plastic or thick canvas. Girls with cute and gentle temperament often dress with elegant and light fabrics, so the texture of bags should also be mainly made of cotton, linen or lace.

6. Bags and leather Common natural leather will have fine lines under the pressure of the thumb. The better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. The common goatskin pattern is arranged in a wavy pattern, thick and fine; the yellow cowhide has dense texture, and the pores are arranged in irregular dots; the surface of pigskin is rough, and the pattern is usually distributed in groups of three pores, which can be hard or soft.

Post time: Dec-24-2022