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How to distinguish genuine leather and artificial leather?

For some merchants now, mercenary is only profit. It is the nature of some merchants to sell fakes for the highest price. Take leather as an example. The leather currently sold on the market is also very different. Some leather surfaces are very hard to the touch. Good, and also very durable. But most of us can’t tell the difference between genuine and fake leather. Now there are two kinds of leather on the market, one is genuine leather, and the other is artificial leather, artificial leather and genuine leather. It seems that the difference is not very big, but often some people spend a lot of money, but the leather they buy is artificial. Leather, suffered a big loss.

Method 1: Visual identification method. When first identifying leather, we identify it from the pattern pores of the leather. With natural leather we see uneven pattern distribution and animal fibers on the reverse. And if it’s artificial leather, we appear to have no pores on the surface. And there is no pattern on the leather surface, and even the artificial leather pores and patterns are consistent.

Method 2: odor identification method. If it is natural leather, we will smell a strong fur smell. Even if these natural leathers are artificially treated, the smell is very obvious. If it is artificial leather, there is only a smell of plastic and plastic, and there is no fur. smell.

Method three: drip test. Then we prepare a chopstick, put a few drops of water on the chopstick, put it on the leather, and then see if the leather absorbs water. After waiting for a minute, if the water on the leather disappears completely, it is natural leather, because natural leather is very absorbent, and if the water is not absorbed, it may be artificial leather.

Method four: combustion identification method. For smokers, it is very simple to identify leather, because smokers have lighters in their pockets, and we can use the lighter to burn the leather. If it is natural leather, there will be a smell of burning hair after burning, and it will easily break into powder after burning, while artificial leather will burn more vigorously, shrink rapidly, and have an unpleasant plastic smell after burning. into a hard block.

The above 4 methods to identify genuine and fake leather should be collected. When buying leather, just follow the above methods to identify it.

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Post time: Oct-02-2022