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The advantages of leather and how to identify leather?

The leather has strong toughness, wear resistance and good air permeability. It maintains the characteristics of natural leather such as breathability, moisture absorption, softness, wear resistance, and strong comfort. It can also be antistatic, good elasticity, wear-resistant, and can be treated with waterproof and decontamination technology.
Microfiber is the abbreviation of microfiber PU synthetic leather. It is a non-woven fabric made of microfiber staple fibers into a three-dimensional network by carding and needle punching. After wet processing, PU resin is impregnated, reduced and extracted, and microdermabrasion is dyed and finished. And other processes are finally made into microfiber leather.
It is the addition of microfiber to PU polyurethane, which further strengthens the toughness, air permeability and wear resistance; it has extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathability and aging resistance.
In foreign countries, due to the influence of animal protection associations and the development of technology, the performance and application of microfiber polyurethane synthetic leather exceed natural leather.
PU leather is cheap. The price of genuine leather is a little more expensive than that of PU leather.
The surface of the leather has obvious pores and patterns, but it is not clear and the lines are not repeated.
Although PU also imitates pores, its surface texture is relatively simple. In addition, synthetic leather and artificial leather have a layer of textile as the bottom plate. This textile bottom plate is used to increase its tensile strength, while the reverse side of genuine leather does not have this layer of textile. This identification is the most simple and practical method.
How to identify leather:
1. Touch by hand: touch the surface of the leather by hand, if it feels smooth, soft, plump and elastic, it is genuine leather; while the surface of general artificial synthetic leather is astringent, rigid and poor in softness
2. Seeing: the real leather surface has clearer hairs and patterns, yellow leather has well-proportioned pores, yak leather has thick and sparse pores, and goat leather has fish-scale pores.
3. Smell: all genuine leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong pungent plastic smell.
4. Ignite: tear a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After ignition, if there is a pungent smell and knots are formed, it is artificial leather; if it smells of hair, it is genuine leather.

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Post time: Oct-03-2022