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What color bag looks good on in winter

First, The matching of white clothes and bags
White is the most holy color, and I personally feel that it is also the color with the best dressing effect. This color is more suitable for matching with light-colored bags. The white casual outfit is a light yellow bag with soft and coordinated colors; it is also a successful combination with lavender, and a light pink bag can give people a gentle and elegant feeling. White business wear is better matched with bags that are suitable for lavender and its similar tones, and the effect is good. The combination of red and hundred is bold, fashionable, and looks enthusiastic and unrestrained. Under the strong contrast, the heavier the weight of white, the softer the feeling.

Second, the matching of blue clothes and bags
Blue clothing is the easiest to match with bags of various colors. Whether it is blue similar to black or dark blue, it is easier to match, and blue has a good effect of tightening and shrinking the body, which is the best choice for showing off your figure. . A blue jacket with a red bag can make people look charming and pretty; with a gray bag, it is a slightly conservative combination, but the overall feeling is brighter (strongly recommend gray with fine lines, which can add elegance very well); The feeling of matching with a lavender bag is more subtle; it is not necessary to match it with a white bag. The blue one is relatively ordinary. If you add purple ingredients intentionally or unintentionally, it will add a bit of a mature urban flavor. The color is darker, especially the blue professional suit similar to black and the bag with the restrained color are suitable for some formal occasions.

Third, the matching of black clothes and bags                                                                                                                                                                            Black is a calm and mysterious color. No matter what color you put it with, it will have a different style. Therefore, I have always felt that choosing a black person is a wise person, absolutely first-class. The combination of red and black is a classic in itself, and the combination of black and white is the best combination that will never go out of style. Even if it is matched with a slightly difficult beige color, if the style can be consistent, the effect is almost unparalleled. Sunshine, avant-garde, fashion, youth, Similar words will keep pouring into your name. Then it’s fine to steal it.

Fourth, the matching of brown clothes and bags
The matching of brown clothes and bags is relatively simple, and matching with white bags can give people a pure feeling, which is more suitable for pure little girls; more conservative dark brown with red bags, vivid and pretty. ;The effect of brown clothes with bags of the same color is also good, but the two should not be the same. The matching of brown with plaid and ordinary brown can reflect elegance and maturity, and the matching of brown with different material textures can easily pass through the difference in texture and highlight the contrast. Show a unique taste.

Fifth, the matching of purple clothes and bags
Purple is mature, elegant and luxurious, and has high requirements for the texture and workmanship of clothing, as well as the requirements for matching bags, but it is often this color that is the most difficult to match that can best reflect the wearer’s grace and luxury. Aristocratic and bookish charm. Lavender is more romantic and suitable for matching with bags that are closer in color and should not be too dark, showing elegance and calmness; dark purple clothing is more luxurious, suitable for matching bags with similar colors and not too bright colors, showing dignity in luxury with generosity.The matching of green clothes and bags

sixth,The combination of green and light yellow or light yellow bags is recommended, which can give people a feeling of spring, which is not only elegant and decent, but also very ladylike. Light green and light red, light yellow, light blue and other light-colored bags also work well, elegant, natural and pure.

Seven, the matching of beige clothes and bags
Beige is subtle and elegant, bright but not dazzling. It is a commonly used color in the world. However, because of its simplicity and intellectual beauty, it is mostly used in professional suits. Therefore, when choosing a bag to match with a beige suit, you should pay more attention to the style of the bag. , Whether the charm can match it, it is not suitable to choose a bag that is too complicated, too flamboyant and too avant-garde, in order to suit the overall style of the beige suit.

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