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Women’s workplace wear

Women’s workplace attire, everyone will inevitably participate in work when they enter the society, so at this time, workplace attire is particularly important. Workplace attire should not be as casual as usual, and must be taken seriously. Let’s learn about women’s workplace attire.

Women’s workplace wear 1
1. Choice of dress

First of all, let’s take a look at the selection of dress styles. In the workplace, pleated skirts and net gauze skirts are beautiful, but they are not suitable. On the contrary, the most basic and simple slim dresses are more popular in the workplace. Simple tailoring and low-key solid colors are more suitable for the workplace, and can present a sense of temperament.

If you have a lot of flesh on your body, then the matching of the first set will be more suitable than the matching of the second set, because of its cuff cut design. Relatively speaking, the first model is more careful, cleverly covering the flesh without appearing redundant.

The choice of shirts

When it comes to the workplace, shirts must not be ignored. They play an unparalleled role in the workplace. No matter what kind of workplace wear, shirts occupy a very important position. So the matching and selection of shirts is also very important.

In fact, the collocation and selection of shirts are inseparable from the bottom clothes, which can be divided into two aspects. If the pattern of the bottom is cumbersome and looks more eye-catching, then the choice of shirts for the top should be low-key, with a simple design and a low-key color. But if it is the opposite, if the bottom is very simple, and the top can choose a more eye-catching style or a more unique color to brighten the whole match and make the match more temperamental.

3. Choice of color

Although the workplace is dominated by intellectual elegance, we should not be too restrictive in choosing colors. If it is all black, white and beige, it will be quite dull. In fact, many popular colors can also be involved. Age-reducing pink, refreshing green, and enthusiastic yellow are all no problem at all. Instead, they can bring some uniqueness to your workplace collocation and make the whole collocation more eye-catching.

In workplace outfits, more is worse than less. Simplicity can work miracles, and simple collocations are easier to bring out your temperament. The lace element is good, but lace from top to bottom will inevitably be redundant. This kind of collocation is more suitable for dating, but it will inevitably weaken the aura when worn in the workplace. If you change to a black low-key collocation, it will be more aura.

Women’s workplace wear 2
1. A suit jacket with a dark green dress

If you want to wear the characteristics of a professional woman, the most direct way is to wear a suit jacket. Many people will choose professional suits when they enter the job. This is a very simple and safe choice, but it must not be as simple as black, white and gray suits and trousers. Too dim colors and rigid shapes can sometimes give people a sense of lifelessness a feeling of. So we can choose a suit jacket with a dark green long skirt to enhance our professional image, which will give people a mature, stable and capable temperament. This style is more suitable for civil servants or office workers, generous and decent.

2. Suit jacket with casual pants

Suit jacket and trousers have been the basic style for a long time, but modern professional women need to highlight their capable, simple but stylish and casual demeanor, so breaking the classic suit, the lower body can be replaced by casual pants. It is simple and capable, but also abandons the seriousness and rigidity brought by suits. It can make you look full of affinity and personality. This style is more suitable for women in office buildings and some talented designers.

3. The use of dark green skirts

If you want to highlight your capable and concise clothing style, minimalist clothing with solid colors as the main color is the most suitable. The more orthodox professional commuting attire is based on this pure color and black and white as the main tone, and other colors are used as auxiliary to reflect the elegant and minimalist office style. With a dark green skirt, as the middle tone, it can show a sense of stability , It is also more suitable for working women in the office environment.

4. The collocation of mesh and long skirt

This style is more intellectual and elegant. The collocation of mesh, because of its better perspective, brings a bit of femininity. With this minimalist style long skirt, it can still be in black and white tones. It is simple and capable, but also very intellectual and elegant, which is more suitable for executives in the workplace. If you want to reflect an authoritative and beautiful executive image, this kind of femininity reveals a strong leadership temperament. The classic combination of black, white and gray will fill you with a strong aura. Taboo: Colors with high brightness are not suitable for executives to dress, because the casualness and intimacy shown by colors with high brightness will lack the deterrent effect required in management.

5. Cardigan collocation

Small cardigans are divided into long and short styles, and the colors are also richer. In a sense, everyone’s definition of knitted sweater may be relatively narrow, because it is just a warm item added when the weather turns cold, but it is actually very useful. From the matching effect alone, small cardigans are very versatile. In spring and summer, we can still wear knitted sweaters for sun protection, or as a must-have item in an air-conditioned room, not to mention its fashionable and casual features, so it is regarded as a treasure by many office women. The effect of the upper body is also really good, and the overall look is simple and intellectual.

6. Wearing wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants seem to have become the most popular item nowadays. Its generous temperament and upper body effect are also favored by working women. And this kind of light-colored wide-leg pants is refreshing and simple, and can be matched with a light-colored suit jacket. It is very refreshing and generous, and it is comfortable to wear in the workplace. This style is also more suitable for executives to dress, capable and generous, and highlights the intellectual and leadership style of female leaders.

In fact, bright colors do not necessarily make you look fat, and black colors do not necessarily make you look thin, so how to choose a version is very important. But equally important is the choice of color. If the entire company is black, white and gray, it will inevitably appear dull and boring, but the magical popular colors can make up for this, making the whole match more eye-catching and distinctive.

Women’s workplace wear 3
1. Skirt

The appearance rate of black skirts in the workplace is quite high. In summer, you can choose T-shirts, chiffon, and knit shirts to show your workplace temperament. If you think the color is too simple and elegant, you can choose bright-color shoes to increase Overall fashion index. You can also change into small white shoes or canvas shoes to go in and out of the office, which is comfortable and not casual.

Midi skirts and umbrella skirts are also good choices. In this season, you can wear more soft light colors such as white tops with light blue skirts, and black tops with polka-dot skirts. They are fresh, clean, natural and comfortable. This image of a pollution-free baby can quickly build a sense of trustworthiness in the workplace and win good people.

Two, wide leg pants

The label wide-leg pants with their own temperament and aura make the fashionable people in the workplace want to stop. If you want to break the stereotyped image of the workplace without being too casual, choose wide-leg pants. The haze blue knitted short-sleeved top is paired with light gray wide-leg pants and high-heeled shoes. Such an atmospheric and simple image will definitely not lose the temperament in the office.

A caramel-colored one-shoulder top is paired with white wide-leg pants. The original dark-colored sense of maturity is suppressed by white to reduce saturation. The whole outfit gives people a gentle and fresh temperament. A decorative belt elevates the waistline + black high-heeled sandals, making it more than a little taller.

3. Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants are also a must-have for working women. The gray color is paired with a white snow chiffon shirt and a sock toe, youthful and youthful. The biggest advantage of cigarette pants is that they are extremely tolerant to the shape of your legs. No matter what leg shape you are, you will have zero pressure to control cigarette pants. If your baby’s clothes happen to have these two kinds of clothes, you can try them on and make sure you will fall in love with her.

4. T-shirt

A simple T-shirt can also be matched with office workers to lead a fashionable look. A black T-shirt with a gray pleated skirt is full of intellectual femininity. Moreover, black can also wear a thin visual sense, and the pleated skirt is also very effective in hiding meat. These two thin matching skills and color schemes are worth learning from.

In summer, you can also choose a striped shirt. If you want to wear a refreshing and calm temperament, you can choose to match it with light colors, and if you want to be more lively, you can match it with bright-color bottoms.

5. Shirts

When it comes to workplace attire, shirts are definitely indispensable, if you are tired of wearing regular shirts. You can try a light-colored striped shirt, which is not as versatile as a blue and white shirt. A light-colored striped shirt with a black umbrella skirt not only has the formal sense of the shirt, but also has a bit of fashion temperament.

Babies can also choose some soft colors such as smoky pink with white bottoms. This kind of color scheme is gentle and elegant and looks high-end. So elegant and stylish to wear to work!

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