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Silver Ladies Leather Tote Baguette Bag

Silver Ladies Leather Tote Baguette Bag

Our advantages

Silver Ladies Leather Tote Baguette Bag are made of Genuine Leather.The design inspiration of this bag comes from the mind of a young girl. She wants to tell you her mind, but she is shy and worried that she will not be able to communicate with you. The hidden two or three minds are like this half moon, which will hide in the clouds for a while. , will lift the veil for a while, elusive, boundless imagination, attracting you to explore. This bag can be hand-held, can be used as an underarm bag, and has a variety of colors to choose from, especially suitable for various banquet occasions, you can use it with any skirt, especially the rare silver, it must be your best choice, Put on your most beautiful dress and match it with a silver bag, and you can easily overwhelm the audience. The boyfriend’s current girlfriend is present, and she can only be defeated.

Product Detail

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Products Details

Name: Silver Ladies Leather Tote Baguette Bag
Products modle: DICHOS-077
Products size: 10.5*20*5cm
Main Material : Genuine Leather
Colour: Silver, Red, Black, White, Green
Weight : 0.2kg
Usage: Leisure Style Daily Life
Packing: Each pcs/opp with Non-woven bag packed
Gender: Women
Style: Fashion handbags
Brand Name: DICHOS

Color Option

Bags suitable for dinner parties must have many colors to choose from, we have five colors in total, black, white, red, green, silver.

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The bag can not only easily match the dress, but also the beauty of the workplace can be easily controlled.

Model Show

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More Details

The size of the bag is moderate, not very large, but it can store daily card holders, wallets, mobile phones, coins, lipsticks, powders, keys and other items. The bag adopts a bi-metal smooth zipper, which is convenient for accessing items. With a hand with a rounded arc, it can be used as a shoulder bag. The logo is embossed to make the whole bag more advanced.

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