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New Underarm Crossbody Tote Bag

New Underarm Crossbody Tote Bag

Our advantages

New Underarm Crossbody Tote bag has a peanut-like, unpretentious shape that, although plain, harbours a different kind of beauty. The bag has a nice appearance, the design of the fabric is also a credit to the design, we choose a high quality first layer cowhide, the texture is clear and natural, soft and comfortable, to create a temperament for you at the same time to ensure more quality. The silhouette is beautiful and durable. Quality and practicality, with a decorative detachable chain, is a collision of youth and art, a fusion of vitality and unrestrained, instantly transforming into a tide trousers girl, always enhancing the aura. The classic, simple and unobtrusive design of the bag creates a vibrant and youthful attitude, interpreting the attitude of life that can be resisted and matched with all kinds of modelling without any pressure. The pull head is exquisite design, thick and wear-resistant, not easy to rust, double zip head design can be opened and closed at will to take.

Product Detail

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Products Details

Name: New Underarm Crossbody Tote bag
Products modle: DICHOS-201
Products size: 26*9.5*13cm
Main Material : Leather
Colour: White,Black
Weight : 0.32kg
Usage: Leisure Style Daily Life
Packing: Each pcs/opp with Non-woven bag packed
Gender: Women
Style: Fashion handbags
Brand Name: DICHOS

Color Option


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The chain can be adjusted to unlock a variety of styles. It can be turned into a gentle and sweet style, or a fashionable and cool style, you decide.

Model Show

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More Details

The bag can be carried in a variety of ways and is linked to the body with a hook and loop, allowing for a variety of postures. The hardware is full of colour and lustre, which also enhances the overall fashion sense of the bag. The bag is designed with strong and delicate stitching, making it beautiful, durable and very stylish. The bag is well designed with space and a full set of internal pockets to adequately hold your daily essentials.

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