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Women’s versatile chain small square bag

Women’s versatile chain small square bag

Our advantages

Women’s versatile chain small square bag that Inspired by the bubble form of bubble water, the shape and color of bubble water associate with the cool feeling in summer; From the bubble water body, we can spread our thinking, integrate the pop can pull ring into the design, and appeal to people’s environmental awareness in daily life. To cure the world, we must first heal ourselves, and start from our own behavior, and advocate the concept of environmental protection.

Product Detail

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Products Details

Name: Women's versatile chain small square bag
Products modle: DICHOS-191
Products size: 20*9*13cm
Main Material : Genuine Leather
Colour: White,yellow and green
Weight : 0.47kg
Usage: Leisure Style Daily Life
Packing: Each pcs/opp with Non-woven bag packed
Gender: Women
Style: Fashion handbags
Brand Name: DICHOS

Color Option

For the shoulder bag we have three colors in stock:White,yellow and green.

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Model Show

Each bubble has a unique shape. It looks dazzling and romantic under the light, as if illusory dreams are displayed in the air in a concrete form. The moment when bubbles are broken is like a dream being bravely broken, and finally returning to reality. Also, different bubbles symbolize the uniqueness of individual life.

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More Details

The effect of the easy pull ring lock catch is gilded with a sense of old age. On the basis of the original process, the smooth surface is repeatedly polished and polished to a sense of old age, restoring the true sense of natural retro. Therefore, the mottled and tiny marks on the hardware surface, which I hope you understand, are normal phenomena in every aspect. Transfer the sense of retro with heart.

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We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service and top quality goods, if you are not satisfied with our product or service for any reason, please feel free to contact us by email.

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